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Acquiring the main tool$ needed in this world to acquire all needs and wants.

Not for all humans but for sure those with access to technology, Cultural Determinism is a dead concept. The concept of Cultural Determinism was dead even before our current technological advancements allowed us to record and recognize those living a life of Free-Will. Formerly Historians and Anthropologist ignored Outcasts. They were anomalies that broke the mold and made the story too complicated or too much.

Outcasts went undocumented in mass media and mainstream history because of fear. Cultural elitist, religious leaders and governments monarchs or elected officials all use fear to force the concept Cultural Determinism. “Believe in one god…

What is it that food does to the human body? How does it effect our spirits and our hearts? What does it dare do to our minds? Who among us are immune and who are the sorcerers of food’s divine powers to excite the senses and transplant us into worlds well beyond the place to sit to dine? Food is to the spirit and what is possible as ethanol is to gas engines and how much humans can accomplish.

Lonely, cold and dreary were the days of a village of somber christians in Denmark in the film Babette’s Feast. Depraved…

In 2018 I left the rat race so abruptly I was in the final stages of phase 1 active pre-natal labor - after a month of prodromal labor contractions and my water breaking - the day we rolled off the island of New York City. I wanted a holistic life in balance with the very basic needs of life. From raising food and raising children to producing business relationships and manifesting resources. I needed a sustainable methodology by which to exist or I would end up a suicide case.

Physical escape aside, I still needed to do the emotional labor…

My parents were divorced since I was 6 years old. We did 98% of everything together vacations included. Starting as a teen, my mom went to her home country alone. After that, we started going to went to Florida’s Disney, just us and pops. Throughout the year everything “family” and “extended family” related was done together.

We lived in the same house. Split apartments in the the home we owned. We saw them both everyday and could choose where we wanted to sleep/stay. They both kept watch over us.

They fought all the same but didn’t move away from each…

This is a living story. I believe the term is a blog. Bulletin Log updating the steps and outcomes of a particular journey. This journey is that of trademark protection.

While search my hashtag #houseofjuice I noticed there was a House of Juice sign being made. Letters were in the exact layout of my registered logo and the company just so happened to be located in New York State. For years I had been vigilant about paying attention to my competitors and watching for copycats. I am aware of several House of Juice companies outside of the US on in…

Meet Danii Oliver founder of Beersgiving and Island to Island Brewery the latest among other beverage brands she founded. As a Navy Daughter Danii was taught to broaden her horizons always and how to see through various lenses. As a result Danii works in industries that often brand her as “the only one” frustrated with stereotypes of who has access to what Danii has founded Beersgiving to honor those who fight for our right to live the American dream, support women looking to expand their careers and offer advisement and mentoring to those who never knew how to make their…

I’m a woman. I’m a business owner. I’m a mother. I’m a brewer, fermenter, juicer and soon a distiller. I am Danii Oliver, founder and head brewer of Island to Island brewery. More than that on a day to day basis I am a marketing director, a photographer, a designer, a developer, a programmer, an accountant, a media correspondent, a government agent, a teacher, a writer, an office manager, a booking agent, an event planner, an analyst and a cleaner, cashier, bartender, hostess, driver, porter. Did I cover all my tasks and job titles?

Danii Oliver, owner, head brewer Island to Island Brewery

At times I wish to just…

I write to express myself, share my experiences and gain insight into this human journey. I write because with many tasks over my head I don’t know what defines me. So I will let my recorded words be the sum of my character since what is known, what is remembered, what is published is how we are defined.

I will write about the truth of my life, because life has taught me if it’s not in black and white it didn’t happen.

I will write about entrepreneurialism.

I will write about home schooling my children.

I will write for pleasure and fantasy.

I will write about beer.

I will write about health drinks.

I will write about physical and mental health.

I will write about living a natural life.

Danii Oliver

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