Wife, Mother and Queer Creative. I have dreamed and manifested. I have written and burned it all. Life is ever in motion. Nothing is ever the same. After millions of years our brains haven't adapted to the contant changes of life. I wrte to help me process. I write to document the transition from ignorance to enlightment.

Readers can expect live stories about non-fiction events happening to me in the moment. Cooking with my husband, managing life as a fulltime human grower. I suppose I am writing memoir. I fathom this life is a dream and for some reason we as humans love sharing in the dreams of others. Finding ourselves in the stories and expereinces of out nieghbors simple for a sence of validation and belonging.

We are all at the right place at the write time at all times because, there is a story there to be told for the benefit of another soul. -- Danii Oliver


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Danii Oliver

Danii Oliver

Writing most of my life to help me process my experiences. At this middle age phase of life, all that I have written I see in a new way. Maybe more can benefit.