Cooking with my Husband Once Again (a live story pt1)

Cooking with Kevin can be a loving experience or a stressful one. It all depends on my role. When I take the backseat, offer a hand when requested and don’t question his process, we’re all good. I know I am in for a tasting experience to live for.

Today is a special day. At 7 am Kevin lay in bed cocooned in our blanket listening to the sound effects of dinosaurs and robots as voice narrated by our dinosaur expert 3 year old. I wanted some adult time but such wasn’t possible when you have a toddler roaming your bedroom at no-O’clock on a Sunday.

Kevin, snuggled there on our bed sighed, “ I am just resting and catching myself before I start cooking.”

I in that instant did a double take. “Cooking!” I stated with a curious attitude. “Cooking what?” I knew for him to require mental and physical preparation to cook meant today would be a special day of treats unlike an average day in our home of scratch meals and individual orders. Yes we are blessed to live with a budding chef who denies being a chef and thus is looking to learn and practice with every request we make.

“Yes, I am making Roti”, Kevin stated quietly in a manner that made it seem like it was no big deal to him.

In that moment every bone in body remember parts of my childhood that were actually good. Those moments of course being only the times I was eating roti, bust up shot and doubles. “With curry chicken I suppose?” I asked.

“Yes, chicken thighs.” Kevin replied.

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Danii Oliver

Danii Oliver

Writing most of my life to help me process my experiences. At this middle age phase of life, all that I have written I see in a new way. Maybe more can benefit.