It’s 2022 Ya’ll

Today is January 1st 2022. Its a new year.
Auld acquaintance should be forgot
and never brought to mind.
The flames of love have extinguished ot,
and fully past and gone.
Hearts have grown cold,
The past no longer has hold.
There is no need to reflect on auld lang syne.
For auld lang syne
I’ve had NO drink
Nor you had vine.
We’ve not met in quite lang time.
You have your life and I have mine
It’s time to let go of auld lang syne.

I wrote this response to the pop culture appropriatated new year’s poem Auld Lang Syne. I did understand the words for most of my 36 years in this life. Yet the tune and chorus have rang in my head like a branded wound every year when the clock stikes 12 and the fireworks that inspire my fancy go of.

After a year of facing all of my demo, processing trauma and practicing self care in virtual solitude I wanted to explore this script than ran yet another line of emotional and physical responses in me. I’ve learned over the year how important this process is, as it uncovers actions we formerly couldn’t understand in ourselves.

First, Auld Lang Syne means for “old times sake”. The poem later adopted as a pop song and Hollywood cliche that makes up modern American culture isn’t an affirmation. The poem is a question. A reflective introspection one might explore to help them see past old demons of their past.

It’s a global — multicultural commonality, no matter when a person celebrates the end of old and the beginning of new, we all reflect in order to grow.

The poem questions our readiness to move on while offering nostalgic pitfalls which could 🤔 lead you down the pain of memory lane.


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Danii Oliver

Danii Oliver

Writing most of my life to help me process my experiences. At this middle age phase of life, all that I have written I see in a new way. Maybe more can benefit.